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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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standards for misdemeanors above the national staff and mentally ill you'll see the same we have expanded duties this year we're concluded prop 47 with a number of felony offenders are carding we estimate 25 thousand cases that have to be brought back to court we've done that without additional resources you're well aware of cases with police psychiatrist dna cases 2 thousand cases this is again from the police departments fail to accurately operate the crime lab we have a grant funded traditionally age youth core that is going to be starting
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july 1st we have a veteran's court that is about laura's law most of the initiate are your honor funded we have to take that on with our exist staff areas of disagreement which we have with the budget analyst are in two areas the first is the budget analyst is recommending that our attrition which is the amount of money that is set aside in savings that will result from details in hire be increased and specific the budget analyst question whether or not we'll be able to hire 3 lawyers by july 1st, as we planned understand that mr. rose's office looks at the citywide what is unique about the public
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defender's office we hire attorneys at will we don't go through the sifrs service we'll go on through the process of vetting applicant and interviewing the applicant and in our final stages not a delay of months as the budget analyst presumes budget analyst recommends claiming of the hither of the laura's law attorney until january 1st, 2016, all of the city departments i'm sure you're aware of supervisor farrell with working together to implement laura's law by november 1st and for that reason we need to hire the laura's attorney by october 1st, we don't anticipate any delay attorneys are hired at
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will we'll hire that person on october 1st it is something i this of a concern to all the department budget analyst also recommended delaying a it that this position is needed immediately a huge responsibility for our department pulling all the video and the body cameras that are expected and huge new responsibility in arithmetic to our workload we have one case we were able to pull video that showed a young eternal was innocent of murder this is the kind of important work so we don't want to delay that position until january the second area of the disagreement with the position of a change out our officer only has essentially two executives the chief is here and myself
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we have a manager one a first level manager she functions as my chief of staff the operations in the office so we're asking that position be changed to a manager 3 o-931 we're smichltd this analysis to the department of home sharing we're asking that 81177 an attorney position two of those positions you made head attorneys those are individual working in a either a management or supervisory position or handling what we call a head of the attorneys caseload as you can see from the chart if i compare the city attorney and public defender the city attorney when you compare the
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managing attorney thirty percent and managers to attorneys district attorney 19 percent and we come in lastly at 40 percent in terms of the manager and supervisory position when you look at non-lawyer management positions that is bans a percentage of staff not only looking at the number of passions positioning but the relative size of the staff the city attorney is at 5 and the district attorney is 8 percent and we're anothers 3 percent we do thank the mayor's office kate howard and our budget analyst for any enhancement we've received we were able to demonstrate that we received fund for the it e and the laura's attorney
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we recommended those changes change out and leaving attrition as see last thing with respect to authentication we've had this issue in the past you'll notice supervisor farrell that since we've had that discussion we've not had an issue of attrition we've done it carefully with the mayor's office i don't want to come back and saw you know what we've overstepped our authentication transition we want the budget analyst with respect to the change out and the attrition be rejected and we're okay with the other recommendations. >> okay sir, thank you. >> any questions for the public defender. >> supervisor tang. >> i know we'll have more conversations about trying to implement laura's lay many of us were co-sponsors but never mind the it that work on the video
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relieveal how many people in the department to do that. >> we counter don't have anyone it places a burden on the attorneys and the administrators we have a totals of 4 full time employees all engaged in other responsibilities one runs our case management system the other manages the all of the computer hardware and software the other don't the counselor it work and the on the external consumption we need a position to focus exclusively on getting this video we're on the committee to set set the policy for the
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cameras that is usage because we are going to have body camera video to have the capacity to building of not only to comprehensive and download that but use it in court. >> thank you. >> okay colleagues no other questions mr. rose our report. >> mr. chairman and members of the committee on page 77 of our report our recommended reductions to the proposed budget total 3 hundred plus in 2015-2016 of that amount 47 thoughts are oncosavings and 27997 are one time savings that allow an increase of 2.6 percent in the department 2015-2016 your
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reductions in that amount in 2016-2017 are ongoing saved and one time savings those reductions allow an increase of 233687 a 1.2 percent in the 2016-2017 wore still working with the department and analyzing the documents that have been submitted we'll report back next week. >> thank you very much mr. rose supervisor mar. >> i want to ask the she mentioned his office for the 3 attorneys under the attrition savings the fte she mentioned they're hiring process is different than the da they're having at w will not a civil services and ready based on the panel some of the pool of the
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applicants they can hire them right away and not have to wait until january of 2016 is that the knowledge your staff had. >> mr. chairman and supervisor mar we considered that and are still analyzing and again report back next week we considered that fact. >> and the public defender laid out the management structures within his office versus the city attorney manager hire ratios a little bit less but the public defender whether it is managing attorneys or non-lawyer managerial positions being very, very low i'm wondering if this information as you used in analyzing the need for the positions he's advocated for . >> we understand that information in all 3 department
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but look at the individual departments and to the best of our analysis make a judgment based on the need. >> okay lastly for the laura's law o ot court attorney to begin with enough time for the public defender's office can begin by the city's mandate i'm wondering how it could be justified that position started june 1st when they're required to get ready probably begin in october to hire that attorney position to represent people about mental illness that's one of the things we're looking at i'll give you the final facts next week. >> okay. colleagues any further questions. >> okay. thank you see you next monday.
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>> up next our district attorney's office.
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>> good morning, everyone. supervisors okay christen for the returning george gascon is not able to be here we have a simple budget that's correct to the budget analyst officer this is the mission objective we prosecutor all the criminal activity in claushgs collaborations with the police department being the primary partner but take cases in the which happen and other agencies that internet our jurisdiction and have a great amount of work with the public
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and community to increase public safety and provide the preliminary support services to all victims of crime here in san francisco and we're the representative of the conservator important the commissioner mooreships in the city and county of san francisco this is a snapshot of our organization and the different responsibility and units within our office we obviously handle all the traditional things from the law and order show but the white-collar crimes that are not part of the district attorney work the consumer fraud and large-scale criminal activity and an initiate our victims services division and all our support functions briefly to get to i budget for
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year one the slight increases in the ftes the vast majority is over to the funding for grants are sundown in mortgage fraud and in year two has lapsed. >> the new work that's been proposed for funding in this fiscal year for the da's office to do laura's and we obviously know when that initiative involves and two positions to help us with it we say a department over 3 hundred people a traumatic amount of technology needs for our division that go very parolee serviced because of our current staffing we've been offered two positions to help us with that we hope to add those additional people and offered a
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paper initiative the district attorney want to move the office to a paperless office all of our files are not stored electronically so if there were an earthquake or fire that damaged the foils those files we'll not been able to go on with the prosecution it is an important part of the backbone of our agency as i mentioned offset for grants a mortgage fraud grant that sundown and another grant that is sunseting. >> this is just to give you a sense of the work of the office since we came into office we've pushed to get a child conviction rate we're proud of that the
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hard work the men and women in our office to achieve those relatives we serve as i mentioned we served 6 thousand plus victims the victims of vibrant crimes a 23 percent increase in us been pro-active in trying to represent the victims in charged and uncharged cases the women of a victim of a sexual assault we provide services and referrals to nonprofits that assist her we facility victims secure and disbursement or reimbursement dactylothrough the bureaucratic process we take away the burden from the victim we received a grant the ferries we've received around human
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trafficking and have a victim advocate focused on the human trafficking to allow the person to be specialized in this area of work i know that supervisor tang has done a lot of work to be able to bring on someone that developed e developed expertise and finally last year, we created the crime strategy unit by impanel belittling other parts of our office not through new funding but the the da felt was important we're trying to understand how to be the most efficient it seems like the reactive role waiting for a case to land on the deck is not the best way to analyze safety but trying to see where the crimes that are happening and stop them and phone call our resources on
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the folks creating the most harm to faucet the system and doing out by throwing a large net but getting a more focused on crime you may have seen the newspaper article about the ad if the office for auto theft saw zip cars and started could we perhaps if one or two people committing those thefts and working with the highway patrol and the sfpd we directed the resources investigator resources to or the two individuals primarily responsible for an entire elimination of that crime what was a huge victory we'll
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thinking that pays guarantee big defended arrest the budget analyst thank you for work us we're no agreement and still a couple to work out we'll hope to come to a resolution with the budget analyst office in the coming days i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, ms. berry colleagues, any confesses. >> mr. rose. >> yes. mr. chairman an page 88 a recommended reductions to the promoted budget total 2 hundred plus thousands of that amount one time savings $81,000 ongoing will allow an increase of 5.1 percent in the 2015-2016 and our recommended budget total hundred and 92 plus in 2016-2017 of that one time savings are
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ongoing savings those reductions will allow a reduction or 1.7 percent we're still working with the department we'll report back to you next week. >> thank you, mr. rose we'll see you next monday. >> up in essence i see from our superior court. >> good afternoon supervisor farrell and supervisors michael court chief suhr u executive officer i want to thank you for your roles and being able to interact and kate and mr. rose and thank you to you and many others i'm sure you're aware of supervisors the only part of the courts budget it is opportunity by the city is the defense system a program that provides
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defense representation to i think detergent when the public defender can't defend and represent do to a conflict of interest it is a right that is in the constitution of the united states as well as the california penal code we take it seriously because, of course we precede ♪ country that all defendants are innocent court sepia decrease in caseloads with lower foilz as transmitted into a lower caseload that means there's less of a need for i think migrant defense the court is straightforward if we deeding don't need the money give it back as you can see the mayor has proposed a $225,000 reduction the court agreed with and mr. rose's office is
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recommending another reductions that the court curds with i'll be happy to answer any questions that you have and colleagues, any questions or comments >> that is a very difficult one. >> i guess we'll go to harvey rose. >> yes. madam chair on page 88 our recommended budget total $20,000 busing plus our recommended reductions for the proposed budget 2016-2017 are all ongoing the department concurs with our recommended rescues. >> thank you, mr. rose just confirmed. >> absolutely. >> all right. to colleagues with that with that said, i'll ask that we accept the recommended for the superior court pend public comment. >> motion pie supervisor mar and second pie supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. >> thank you very much up next
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is the probation -
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>> good afternoon. supervisors i'm karen the new chief prosecution officer with me diane our department fiscal officer the mission of the adult probation department to protect the community and change lives we've accomplished that through the evidence best practices having a victim's center approach and working collaboratively with our community and based on organizations those collaborations allows us to blend in with justice and treatment the app new judgements are clients services i am reintroducing to establish sober or else housing opportunities for the clients and other services gender reprehensive of
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responsive services requesting one position as it relate to the housing opportunity for women and their children who are involved in the critical justice system as well as providing services specific a gender and transgender a restoration to allow the amazes test of sentencing and follow-up on the odor and enforce those orders were not to probation we're asking positions to be able to support the adult probation department to really allow our probation officers to delve the time necessary to serve the victims in the
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community and client employment partners involving ourselves in the organization severing ohio how risk folks in the community and linking them to employment opportunity. >> our operating budget we're showing for this fiscal year as well as the promoted budget you'll see the significant differences are an in the state realignment and in the grant fund. >> specifically the chances from fiscal year 2014-2015 to this coming fiscal year in our proposed budget include an increase of 1.380 conflict of interests for the state alignment fund and as well as grant one for that the county recidivism entrants with the fcc and the board and state
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communication in the fund of $250,000 that requires us to the rfp out services at a maximum of $50,000 that is in process. >> second stricker credited one time fund not $82,000 as a result of a recalculation of credits of second strickers currently in custody and state prison a parenting grant that is also a grant that role is to fund incentives for fatherhood programs as well as enhancing services to our client population our youngest parents trying to reunite with our children as well as improve they're overall parenting skills and feinstein a bs cc grant to
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fund our court as mentioned by the public defender and the da office that court will be available in july and this fund $40,000 services for that population. >> we will be spend in client services in the proposed budget a little bit over one million dollars in contract for housing and that's the trickle like the drake hotel as well as employment services the ipo and the dp o and the oversight of that project the restoration program is for probation assistants there's a new clarification to the probation department assist with that collection establishment of the restoration that will staff
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the 3 operations as well as that on community development stflt to help with the gender responded $54,000 in our summer violence to partner with sfpd as well as juvenile probation to be able to really connect with the clients during the summer months to reduce the violence and be able to roll divert our population from involvement in violence and feinstein 65 thousand there's for a train tool for armed officers this will actually reduce the cost associated with ammunition and travel for our officers so the fte changes from this fiscal year to in relation fiscal year a total of 9 position one it grant